[21 Oct 2013] Al Azhar University students hold anti-govt. rallies in Cairo other cities - English

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21   Oct   2013   Al   Azhar   University   students   hold   anti   govt   rallies   in   Cairo   other   cities   PTV   Presstv   English   In   Egypt   students   of   al   Azhar   University   hold   a   protest   demanding   the   reinstatement  

In Egypt, students of al-Azhar University hold a protest, demanding the reinstatement of the country\'s ousted President Mohammed Morsi. Thousands of students gathered in the campuses of the university in the capital Cairo and other cities for a third consecutive day. They chanted slogans against the army-installed interim government. Security forces reportedly arrested more than forty of the students during clashes. The rallies were held as the Egyptian prime minister threatened tough measures against those who want to divide the country. Egypt has been witnessing a political crisis and street protests after the army toppled Morsi in early July. Security forces have killed hundreds of protesters ever since.

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