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A new video has emerged on YouTube depicting the latest brutality of the Saudi-backed Al Khalifa regime forces against the Bahraini people. The video shows the Bahraini security forces kicking a door in and firing tear gas into a house only to flee the scene seconds later in their police vans. Security forces on Friday resorted to violence once more, in an attempt to disperse a rally of anti-regime protesters who have been calling for an end of the Al Khalifa regime, a Press TV correspondent reported. The anti-regime demonstrations on Friday led to one woman being killed and several others being injured. Meanwhile, human rights groups have condemned Manama's political ploy in initiating national dialogue, saying the move is aimed at influencing the international community. They argued that the Bahraini regime is continuing its severe repression of protesters despite the ongoing national talks launched earlier this month. Human Rights Watch has also urged Manama to probe the dismissal of thousands of workers from state-linked firms and government jobs over participation in anti-government protests earlier this year. Thousands of anti-government protesters have been waging protest rallies in Bahrain since mid-February, demanding an end to the Al Khalifa rule, which has been in power for over 40 years. In mid-March, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates deployed their military forces in crisis-hit Bahrain to assist the Manama regime in its brutal crackdown on popular protests. Scores of protesters have been killed -- many under torture -- and numerous others detained and transferred to unknown locations during the regime's brutal onslaught on protesters.

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