[HQ] Pat & Mat - Part 1 of 78: Tinkers - All Languages

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Pat   Mat   two   characters   self-made   problems   solve   tools   and   construction   gadgets   humour   optimistic   approach   towards   life   problematic   situations   imaginative   ways   cartoons   animated   kids   children  

The show features the two characters facing mostly self-made problems, trying to solve them using any possible and impossible tools and construction gadgets. This leads to even more problems and yet, eventually, the two manage to get a working result with a mostly surprising solution. According to the authors, it is the manual ineptitude that inspires the stories. The humour is not the only feature of the show, another feature is having an optimistic approach towards life. The two characters always get into problematic situations, but they never give up until they solve the problem in imaginative ways.

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