How to manually back up your MySQL databases from PHPMyAdmin - [English]

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database   backup   back   up   save   mysql   phpmyadmin   php   sql   information   data   protect   web   site   secure   security   store   restore There is nothing more precious than information on the internet. So why leave things to chance regarding your database data? You may have a database full of members, or you render out all of your pages using a Custom Content Management System, which usually stores page data in a MySQL database. In this quick video tutorial Adam shows you how to go into your PHPMyAdmin MySQL database interface and back up or save your sensative database information. There are a few ways that you could lose the data in your database, so creating backup insert files manually is an easy way for a webmaster to safeguard his or her data. First step in keeping your database secure is not allowing users to input harmful strings. Learn of strings that may harm your database and cancel them out in your form processing. But I am assuming your scripts are secure and that you would like to backup your database just in case anything may happen out of the ordinary. You can easily replace any lost data in a few minutes using this manual methid with PHPMyAdmin. Databases get created on your server either through your cpanel or if you are on GoDaddy or a host that has a custom control panel. Once made you have acces to PHPMyAdmin which is for interacting with your database from a not too technical online interface. So not only is it handy but it teaches you code to write scripts that can interact with your database at runtime. HOT TIP: I have learned a lot of PHP-MySQL syntax from using PHPMyAdmin

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