US official in Pakistan faces murder charge - 28Jan2011 - English

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A huge crowd of anti-US protesters took to the streets in Karachi to denounce the killing of two motorcycle riders in the city of Lahore by a US consular official. Pakistani police have charged the diplomat with double murder. According to a provincial minister, the US official believed the two intended to rob him. A pedestrian was also killed by a speeding car from the US consulate. These demonstrators are protesting against the recent killings in Lahore by the US diplomats and for the immediate release of Afia siddiqui, an American-educated neuroscientist who was sentenced to 86 years in jail in the US after being convicted of trying to kill an American soldier. Anti-US sentiments run high in Pakistan. American drone attacks are another source of growing anger at the US and its policies. Over one thousand civilian have been killed so far in these attacks. Pakistani media speculate that the consulate official charged with the murder of two Pakistani citizens is an agent of the notorious US private security firm, XE (Zee) services formerly known as Blackwater. Muhammad Aslam Tarin, Lahore Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) says the men who were shot dead had no previous criminal records, adding that none of them had robbed or fired at the diplomat. The US embassy in Islamabad confirmed that Davis was a consular worker but said it was still trying to work out with the police what had happened. What does US government say? Washington is apparently wary of the rising anti-American sentiment in Pakistan given its strategic partnership with Islamabad, but analysts remain skeptical about the strength and future of US ties with regional nations. After all, many Pakistanis say they view the United States with suspicion or outright enmity because of what they call Washington's interfering policies in the Muslim world.

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