[18 Nov 2013] Lebanon seeks to tackle israel Intelligence gathering operations - English

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18   Nov   2013   Lebanon   seeks   to   tackle   Israel   Intelligence   gathering   operations   PTV   Presstv   English   Israel   espionage   activities   have   increasingly   become   a   concern   for   Lebanon   Beirut   is   now   calling  

Israel\\\'s espionage activities have increasingly become a concern for Lebanon. Beirut is now calling for equipment to block Tel Aviv\\\'s intelligence gatherings. Reports say Lebanese lawmakers as well as foreign, defense and communication ministers will meet with ambassadors of five permanent members of the UN Security Council next week. The European Union\\\'s high representative in Lebanon will also attend the meeting. Lebanese officials are expected ask European countries to sell Beirut anti-spying equipment that it needs to counter Israel\\\'s intelligence activities. Tel Aviv has increased its espionage by installing eaves-dropping stations across Lebanon\\\'s southern border. Beirut says Tel Aviv\\\'s spying activities have negatively affected not only Lebanon but also UN peace-keeping forces.

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