[12 Aug 2012] Israeli prisons increase repression during Ramadan - English

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[12 Aug 2012] Israeli prisons increase repression during Ramadan - English Prisoner Hatem Qafisha, an administrative detainee, said the prison\'s administration started to handcuff the prisoners\' hands and legs during meetings with the lawyers, and when using bathrooms. Qashafa also said that the prisoners suffer from these brutal procedures besides the hard living conditions due to the hot weather, the continuous cut in the electricity and the lack of the electrical equipment. The prisoner Musaab Fathi from Ramallah, an administrative detainee since 5/6/2011, also said that prisoners in section 6 live in harsh living conditions; the prisons\' administration didn\'t provide the basic materials for cooking, so prisoners just eat little amount of food that the prison provides and they are forced to drink warm water because there are no refrigerators in that section. He added that the prison\'s administration also put the African detainees in the same section, the thing that causes a lot of dispute between the prisoners.

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