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How to Spread the Message of Karbala * Create and distribute Ashura ribbons to create an awareness. * Study more and try to bring Imam Hussain (as)’s sacrifice in light of the struggles of Muslim in today’s time. * If you get a chance to give a speech, include in it the sacrifice of Imam Hussain(as) and give the bigger picture of the purpose of the sacrifice. * Give out pamphlets on the message of Ashura which are simple and clear and could be understood by one who has no knowledge of the religion of Islam or Shiism. * Water bottle distribution on the day of Ashura. Stick paper on the water bottles with a saying of Imam Hussain (as) which reflects his wisdom. * Fight the misconceptions spread by the 'so called muslims' by following the example of Imam Hussain (as), may it be by the way of writings, artwork, discussions etc. * Tell the story of our Imam in a manner which others can relate to given the present circumstances. * Organize Hussain Day at your center and invite other Muslims and non-Muslims to it. * Overcome traditions and look at the true meaning of the sacrifice. * The true mourning of Imam Hussain(as) has to be from the heart; if the heart is mourning, no one would have to tell us what to do or how to behave. * Try and get a deeper understanding of Kerbala and why Imam Hussain(as)’s call for help is relevant to today’s Shia and in today’s time.

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