Zionist Organ Theft - Donald Bostrom VS Mordachai Kedar - English

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RT's original article: Organ Trade Scandal:"Palestinian are compulsive liars.", published on 26 August 2009. A "debate" among Swedish Journalist Donald Bostrom, Dr Mordachai Kedar, who spent 25 years serving in Israeli military intelligence and currently is a lecturer at Bar-Ilan University, and perhaps, the presenter. In the beginning of the debate, Mr. Kedar rushed to attack Palestinians(not present and voiceless) as "compulsive liars" and accused Mr Bostrom of "betraying profession of journalism"... RT presenter couldn't help but join the debate with the example of Israel lying on using phosphorus bombs during Gaza Massacre. Mr. Kedar again diverted the issue to the claim that Palestinians' sufferings are "Palihood"... Due to Zionist regime's Kedar wasted too much time on lecturing others, perhaps the RT editor(invisible) gave Mr Bostrom the final time to speak.

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