Detect User Mouse Coordinates - Read Capture Tutorial Flash CS3 CS4 - [English]

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adobe   flash   tutorial   free   fla   source   code   actionscript   as3   cs3   cs4   detect   mouse   coordinates   capture   read   find   display   animation In this fee AS3 fla file tutorial that we commented out really well, you can learn all about the basics of detecting, reading, or capturing user mouse coordinates. There are many cool applications for this if you are creative enough to exploit it. This is one for the true geeks that love the nuts and bolts of actionscript. So whether you need to know exactly where the users mouse is in relation to one of your movieclip symbols, or if you need to know where their mouse is located in relation to the stage, this tutorial file will suit those needs. Make the whole file react in any way you like according to where the user mouse is, or just parts of your file, certain symbols, animations, etc...

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