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Pingu and his parents are having a yummy lunch. But Pingu is eating disgustingly; smashing his fork so he can scoop up potatoes (possibly eggs or nuts) and swallow them whole in his mouth like a grape, blowing bubbles in his drink, eating fish disgustingly, and refusing to eat his greens, but did eat some and then spit it in the toilet. After this comical lunch, Pingu goes out to play with his red ball, but two of Pingus friends, Pingo and Pingg, come to take it away from him (this is contrary to later episodes; they\\\'ve become nicer to him). After a fight in which Pingg knocks Pingus head and his ball is burst (Pingu fell on it when he was tripped over by the two bullies.) He gets his ball back and sadly returns home (after being chased by snowballs thrown at him by the two friends, although only two of them hit Pingu.) His parents put a patch on his head and his ball. Then suddenly, they rock him to sleep in a hammock that was almost about comfy for Pingu.

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