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Fatima   Zahra   Prophet   Muhammad   Dear   Daughter    

Fatima Zahra, Prophet Mohammad's Dear Daughter: Not more than three months had passed since the sad departure of God's last messenger Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) from the mortal world, his noble daughter, Fatemah Zahra (SA), fell was confined to bed with serious illness. Some 90 days had passed since the passing-away of the Last Messenger of Allah Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH), and every day, Fatemah (SA) used to sit beside the tomb of her dear father, and in doleful whispers, disclose to him her inner mysteries, because the people of Medina had complained that her grief for the Departed Messenger was disturbing their peace. Strange way indeed for the Muslims to behave. But, now the holy lady, especially after the injury inflicted on her and her feelings by people who denied her rights, had elapsed into her last moments of mortal life. Her devoted husband, Imam Ali (PBUH) and four siblings, had surrounded her bed. A bitter sense of grief was looming on the noble Ahl ol-Bayt. A strange feeling was contorting Ali's throat. He remembered how much her dear wife had dedicated her entire life to the path of Allah. The scenes of Fatemah's kind and gentle conduct were passing in Imam Ali's mind. He remembered Fatemah engrossed in midnight prayer, supplicating for the well being of neighbours. Meanwhile, Imam Ali recalled Hazrat Mohammad's (Pbuh) words that "God becomes angry by Fatemah's anger and is pleased at her satisfaction." He also remembered the last will of Hazrat Mohammad (Pbuh) about Fatemah. In the meantime, Fatemah opened her mouth and said: "My cousin, in my marital life with you, I never lied to you or acted against your will." The heart-rendering words deeply affected Imam Ali. She added: "Now the angels, along with Messenger Mohammad are coming towards me. Greetings to Gabriel. Greetings to the Messenger of Allah. Greetings to your promised words, O my father. Greetings to your sweet smile." Fatemah left the world a martyr and her noble spirit was carried on the wings of the angels to the presence of her Creator, Almighty Allah. Imam Ali took Fatemah's hand, looked at the sky and remembered the day Messenger Mohammad had blessed their marriage by putting her hand in his. But, now it was the time of separation. Shedding tears of sorrow, Imam Ali told Fatemah in a trembling tone: "After you, I will not have a happy moment in the world. I am crying because I fear my life may be prolonged after you." It was on 20th Jamadi al-Akhar, 5th year after the divine revelation (corresponding to 613 AD), Messenger Mohammad and his faithful wife Khadijah, were blessed by the birth of a baby girl, whom the Messenger named Fatemah. The Prophet said: "I named my daughter Fatemah because Allah has protected her and her followers from fire." She was also known as Zahra or the Radiant. The childhood era of Hazrat Fatemah was the most difficult era of the history of Islam. For, the small community of Muslims in Mecca, were under increasing pressure from idolaters and disbelieves. Fatemah was raised in the school of her father and the loving lap of her mother Khadijah. Since childhood, Fatemah witnessed the sufferings of her father, and was always at his side to soothe him. Following the demise of Hazrat Khadijah, the young Fatemah took upon herself all household tasks and was often referred by her father as an angel in human cover, and a part of his heart. Whenever the Messenger looked at his daughter, he became filled with joy. After migration to Medina, the Messenger rejected all offers for Fatemah's hand from wealthy Arabs, and married her to his young cousin, the valiant Ali. It was said that if there was no Ali, Fatemah would have remained without a consort. The Messenger used to stand whenever his daughter would enter her house. Before going on a trip, Fatemah's house was the last one the Messenger would bid farewell, and after returning from the trip, it was the first one that he would visit. The ultimate sense of love, kindness and devotion between father and daughter was manifested in the attribute the Messenger gave her, that is: Omme Abiha - which means Mother of Her Father. Peace be upon her immaculate soul.

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