Gaza war anniversary marked in London - 27Dec2010 - English

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These scenes outside the Israeli Embassy in London have become a common sight. It is here that London witnessed an outpouring of grief over the attack on the Mavi Marmara earlier this year, and here people now stand to commemorate the anniversary of Operation Cast Lead in Gaza, which began to this day two years ago. Over 1400 Gazans were killed in that onslaught - few have forgotten. Protests like this are taking place around the country this week. 2010 comes to a close after months of brewing anger over the British government's domestic austerity measures - this is matched by equally heightened disillusionment over the Middle East process. Two years ago as Gaza was being bombarded, protests here turned violent - and dozens were later arrested and given jail sentences. This sent shockwaves through the Pro-Palestinian movement here. The protest in London has come to an end now and the organisers and fairly happy with the turnout they saw today. The end of December is a sleepy, holiday season in the United Kingdom - a time when very little of political significance takes place here but with Operation Cast lead's anniversary falling at this time each year, it will never be the same again. Fareena Alam, Press Tv, London

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