Shia in deep crisis in Bahrain: Video of riot police attack on peaceful protesters - All Languages

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Witnesses say police in Bahrain have violently clashed with pro-democracy protesters during the "Day of Rage" rallies across the country. On Monday, police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at hundreds of demonstrators in Karkazan, a Shia village south of the capital, Manama, AFP reported. Security forces stepped up their presence with helicopters circling over Manama. At least 14 people were wounded in overnight and Monday clashes. Activists, inspired by revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia, have dubbed Monday "the Day of Rage" to express disappointment at the political reforms of the past decade, which have failed to bring prosperity and real change. The majority Shia population in Bahrain has been complaining about inequality and oppression. The government has been clamping down on the opposition since the country's controversial general elections in August last year. Since late Sunday, Bahrain's security forces have been patrolling shopping centers and other locations to monitor people's movements amid calls by opposition groups for pro-democracy protests.

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