[Iran Today] Role and status of women in the Iranian society - 09Mar2012 - English

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International women\'s day has been celebrated for over a century, and since then it has manifested itself in different ways in each and every culture. In some countries it has morphed into a sort of Valentine\'s Day. In others the day highlights points that the United Nations intended by creating the occasion. Light is shed on human rights, women\'s rights, and the ongoing struggles of women worldwide. In Iran woman\'s day means all that and a little more. Many husbands choose this day to show their appreciation for their wives, and the ongoing efforts to assert women\'s rights are highlighted. But the occasion has added significance in Iran, because of the people\'s Islamic faith, which emphasizes the holy status of women in society. That might be news for someone with little information about the Islamic faith, but Muslims have numerous laws designed specifically to assert women\'s rights, written in a time when baby girls were such a disgrace for their family, they were buried alive at birth. The role of women in any society is a subject of much controversy and debate. In Iran that debate is very much alive as well, with its own specific aspects. In this edition of the show we\'ll be talking about the Iranian women, and her role and status in the Iranian society.

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