***GOOD*** Palestine Will Be Free - Maher Zain | ماهر زين - فلسطين سوف تتحرر - English

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Awakening Records is pleased to announce the release of the world\\\\\\\'s first animated peace music video on Palestine. Palestine will be Free\\\\\\\' is performed by Awakening\\\\\\\'s latest music sensation - Maher Zain. This is the first time an animated peace music video has been produced on Palestine: \\\\\\\"We are recognised as pioneers and constantly pushing the bounds of creativity and innovation. This animated music video for our new star artist Maher Zain is just another step in that direction and certainly not the last\\\\\\\", said Bara Kherigi, Director of Awakening Records. Destined to be an international success, the video features the story of a young brave Palestinian girl who never loses hope for a better future despite the harsh realities surrounding her. We keep telling each other That this day will be Will be the last and tomorrow We all can go home free And all this will finally end Palestine tomorrow will be free Palestine tomorrow will be free No mother, no father to wipe away my tears That\\\\\\\'s why I won\\\\\\\'t cry I feel scared but I won\\\\\\\'t show my fears I keep my head high Deep in my heart I never have any doubt That Palestine tomorrow will be free Palestine tomorrow will be free I saw those rockets and bombs shining in the sky Like drops of rain in the sun\\\\\\\'s light Taking away everyone dear to my heart Destroying my dreams in a blink of an eye What happened to our human rights? What happened to the sanctity of life? And all those other lies? I know that I\\\\\\\'m only a child But is your conscience still alive I will caress with my bare hands Every precious grain of sand Every stone, and every tree \\\\\\\'Cause no matter what they do They can never hurt you \\\\\\\'Cause your soul will always be free Palestine tomorrow will be free Palestine tomorrow will be free Lyrics: Maher Zain & Bara Kherigi Melody: Maher Zain Arrangement: Maher Zain & Hamza Namira © Awakening Records 2009

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