What A Shame for CIA - Obama attested Tehran Operations - 22May11 - English

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***MORE DETAILS*** The Iranian Intelligence Ministry says a dismantled espionage ring affiliated to the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had not achieved its goals in Iran. Heidar Moslehi told Press TV on Sunday that the ministry managed to bust the CIA espionage network with the cooperation of the Iranian people, IRNA reported. He said that the ministry's proper planning prevented the spy network to achieve its goals, adding, “The most important outcome of our operation was that the United States did not accomplish its objectives in the Islamic Republic.” The Islamic Republic announced on Saturday that 30 individual have been arrested on charges of sabotage and spying for the US and 42 CIA operatives were identified in connection with the network. The Iranian intelligence minister stated that the spy-ring was directly taking orders from the CIA, saying that it was headed and operated by top field agents working for the US spy agency. According to a statement issued by Iran's Intelligence Ministry on Saturday, the network, which was set up by a considerable number of seasoned CIA operatives in several countries, attempted to trick citizens into spying for them under the guise of issuing visa, helping with permanent residency, and making job and study offers. The CIA operatives had gathered information from "universities and scientific research centers, and in the field of nuclear energy, aerospace, defense and biotechnology industries," part of the statement read. The spies had also gathered detailed information about the "oil and gas pipelines, telecommunication and electricity networks, airports and customs, the security of the banking and communication systems," by using "US embassies and consulates in several countries particularly "the United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Malaysia." http://www.presstv.ir/detail/181247.html

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