Toronto Protest Shia and Sunni Killings in Pakistan - English

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RESOLUTION OF PROTEST: To Consul General of Pakistan Toronto, Canada The Shia and Sunni Canadian Muslims have gathered here today to express our extreme anguish and sorrow at the genocide of Pakistani citizens by a small group of terrorists. This representative gathering of Shia and Sunni mosques and community organizations in Toronto has adopted the following resolutions: 1. We express our complete solidarity with the victims of the barbaric massacre in Abbas Town and with all the Shia and Sunni victims of the on-going genocide in Pakistan. 2. We strongly condemn the lack of action by the government of Pakistan which has allowed the foreign-sponsored terrorists of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and other puppet organizations to brutally murder tens of thousands of Pakistani citizens with impunity. The citizens lost to this brutal assassination campaign are greater than the number of citizens killed in many armed conflicts between countries. 3. We strongly condemn the criminal negligence and complicity of the government of Pakistan evident by the fact that despite the large number of innocent civilians that have been massacred, not even a single murderer has been held accountable. 4. We strongly reject attempts by the intelligence agencies of United States of America through their Saudi and Pakistani counterparts to divide the Pakistani Muslims on sectarian lines by sponsoring extremist organizations and divisive forces. We, the Shias and Sunnis are united in condemning these terrorists and the shameful lack of action by the government of Pakistan which has surrendered to the foreign interests rather than performing its duty towards its citizens. 5. We demand an immediate operation in the country to hold these culprits accountable for their crimes against humanity. 6. We strongly condemn the burning of Christian houses in Lahore today by extremists. What would it take for the Pakistani government to change its shameful lack of action? How many more orphans and widows will it take before the government conducts an operation against these murderers committing war crimes against innocent Pakistani citizens? These foreign funded terrorists are unable to operate in many other nations due to a respectable, dignified and independent government, loyal to its citizens; why have the Pakistani government officials surrendered to foreign pressures? Why are they allowing their brothers and sisters and neighbors to be massacred? We, the coalition of Shia and Sunni mosques and community organizations in Toronto demand immediate action by the government to arrest and punish the perpetrators of the Abbas Town massacre and the individuals responsible for killings across Pakistan.

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