[AL-QUDS 2013][AQC] Detroit, MI USA - Speech by Sh. Usama Abdulghani - 2 August 2013 - English

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Keynote speech by Sheikh Osama Abdul ghani. All the efforts were made by local organizing committees of the respective cities. Nationally coordinated and organized by Al-Quds Committee. For more details, please visit : freealquds.org Resolutions - International Day of Al-Quds: The following Resolutions are intended to be read out at your event. This peaceful representative gathering of freedom and justice-loving individuals from various faiths passes the following twelve resolutions: 1. We demand an immediate end to the 60 year occupation of Palestinian land by the criminal barbaric and terrorist Zionist regime and we support the return of millions of Palestinians who have been forced to live in refugee camps. 2. We support the Palestinians right of self-determination and to be governed by whoever they choose in a free and fair election. 3. We announce our boycott of corporations that support the Apartheid Zionist Regime and its heinous crimes, through their investments. 4. We demand an immediate release of over 10,000 political prisoners, the innocent being held in Zionist jails, especially women and children. 5. We respect Judaism but denounce Zionism as a racist, hateful and oppressive philosophy based on expulsion, oppression and occupation of the native population of Palestine. 6. We demand an immediate end to the siege of Gaza where innocent civilians, men, women and children, are living in poverty and suffering from malnutrition and disease, due to lack of employment, food, medicines and electricity. 7. We denounce the mainstream media for its biased coverage of the conflict, and for depicting the oppressive, criminal Zionist Regime as the victim; and the true owners of the land as \\\\\\\"oppressors\\\\\\\". 8. We completely reject: the effort to equate Zionism with Judaism. We also reject: the effort to equate condemnation of the Zionist state with anti-Semitism. We will not be intimidated by this bogus spin. This effort has been opposed and rejected by the truly religious Torah-abiding Jews. 9. We completely reject the Zionist justification of settlement and occupation, in the name of racial superiority, and we support the right of all victims of the Zionist Regime, including the injured, the prisoners and the refugees, to bring the Zionists war criminals to justice in a just court of Law. 10. We demand an immediate end to the biased and prejudiced attitude of the US administration in supporting the Apartheid regime under the influence of the Zionist lobbies in politics and media. We demand that our tax dollars and resources be focused on resolving the issues in our countries rather than funding the occupation and the war crimes of the Zionist Apartheid regime. 11. We demand an immediate and peaceful dismantling of the Zionist Regime, and call for a referendum with participation from the Christians, Jews and Muslims within the present day illegal borders of the Zionist Regime, as well as participation from Palestinians within the occupied territories and refugee camps scattered across the entire region, in order that they can decide their own fate. Without this dismantling of the cancerous Apartheid system of the Zionist Regime, there can be no peace in the region. 12. We demand that the Great Al-Aqsa Mosque be freed from the clutches of the Zionist Regime, and furthermore, we completely reject any and all Zionist claims made on Al-Quds Jerusalem. Despite the influence of Zionist lobbies around the world, especially in US, today the Zionist Regime is recognized as a criminal, barbaric, racist and apartheid state by the masses around the world. The number of people standing up for the oppressed people of Palestine continues to grow and all of us promise to continue to raise awareness and stand in solidarity with the innocent Palestinians. Long Live Palestine!!!

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