Snails who Fast too - Animal Instincts - English

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Visit our website for more episodes! to make your ramadhan a productive Ramadhan. SUBHANALLAH.. Animals fast too!! Check out our new series.. Animal Instincts Snails Fast: Snails prefer damp areas. They bury themselves under the surface layer of the earth during the day and become active at night and on cloudy days. This way they are avoiding the heat and light of the sun so that their skin won't dry. Snails get their nutrition from plants and from organic substances in the soil. Where winters are cold, snails hibernate like many other animals, fasting through the cold weather. But they also fast in hot weather. These creatures have the ability to secrete mucus to cover themselves to protect their bodies from drying out. During hot, dry periods, snails are threatened with dehydration. So they seal themselves off with a parchment like membrane, and often attach themselves to tree trunks, fences or walls. During this time they fast until cooler, wetter weather comes. Both males and females do this. When the cooler weather comes, snails come out of their shelters to seek their nutrition, declaring the end of their fast. At that time they have lost their extra fat and returned to their vitality. Eltemas Dua :) R4U Team For more information visit

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