[03 July 2012] Iran military power defensive not offensive - English

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[03 July 2012] Iran military power defensive not offensive - English Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps' (IRGC) has begun its military drill, the Great Prophet 7, by firing indigenously made missiles at hypothetical enemy bases. On Tuesday, IRGC's long, medium and short-range missiles targeted "simulations of the trans-regional forces' airbases" in the northern Semnan Desert. The domestically-produced missiles include Shahab (Meteor) 1, 2, 3, Khalij Fars (Persian Gulf), Tondar (Lightning), Fateh (Victor) and Zelzal (Quake) as well as Qiam (Uprising). Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast says the ongoing drill in the central sector of the country is intended to convey a message of sovereignty and full preparedness to establish security in the Persian Gulf as well as the Strait of Hormuz. Press TV has conducted an interview with Nader Mokhtari, a columnist and commentator, to further talk over the issue.

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