[14 June 2012] David Cameron & Leveson Inquiry - Comment - English

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[14 June 2012] David Cameron & Leveson Inquiry - Comment - English On Thursday, UK Prime Minister David Cameron appeared before the Leveson Inquiry. There was no point of hiding his close friendships with the News International family, so instead he tried to make it all out to be part of the job as it was revealed even in opposition he met with the Murdochs and Rebekah Brooks 44 times. News International paid for David Cameron to meet Murdoch in the Greek Island of Santorini in 2008. That year his friendship with Rebekah Brooks also flourished. They were neighbors and Brook's millionaire husband went to the same elite school as Cameron. Cameron denied ever making any overt or covert deals with News International. He was questioned over why he hired news international editor Andy Coulson as his media chief. Meanwhile three more people, including a sun journalist and police officer were arrested over the scandal. You could say David Cameron sailed through his day at the Leveson inquiry. But then he wasn't really given a rough ride. And what could have easily been a storm seems to have just passed him by. But he did admit his close friendships with the Murdoch's and brooks, at the same time admitting such close relationships were wrong. So it seems even if he just survives, he is a very much a damaged prime minister.

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