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Al-Nebras (The Lantern) - Film on Imam Ali [HD] - Arabic sub English

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Al-Nebras (The Lantern) is a greatly anticipated motion picture film masterfully depicting various events and occurrences in the remarkable life of Imam Ali (as). The film sheds immense light on the prominent role Imam Ali occupied during the lifetime of the Holy Prophet (saw) as well as comprehensively highlighting the pivotal and fundamental position he held in regards to the Islamic Message. The highly captivating film, which artistically recreates a number of scenes from the council meeting (Shura) of the election of Uthman ibn Affan to the military expeditions embarked upon under the command of the Holy Prophet as well as the momentous occasion which unfolded on the plains of Ghadir presents numerous dimensions of Imam Ali\'s matchless and unparalleled personality and attributes which shook the very foundation of disbelief and awoke the hearts of the faithful from the slumber of this world. For the virtues of Imam Ali are like that of no other, they are innumerable, insurmountable and his distinctions over others are such that he surpasses all near him like the sun does to a candle in the midst of the day. From birth he was under the unique tutelage and mentorship of the best of creation and the most beloved to Allah, the Holy Prophet, and as a youth there was none greater in zeal than him in propagating the call to the one true God. On the battlefield his bravery and courage new no boundaries, and in the mosque his worship was a sight of true marvel. His certainty in Allah was unshakeable and his piety was a source of guidance to all. In administering justice there was none more just than him, and in knowledge, he was more precious than a fountain of treasure. Through his exemplary characteristics he has opened for us the doors of success, and by his unyielding efforts in the way of Allah he has handed down the banner of righteousness, for all those willing to uphold it... \"He who wants to see Noah in his determination, Adam in his knowledge, Abraham in his perseverance, Moses in his awe and Jesus in his worship, should look at Ali\" - Prophet Mohammed (saw) Al-Nebras (The Lantern) has been subtitled and presented by Al-Masumeen.com in conjunction with Ahlulbayt TV (Sky Channel 842)

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