Qadir Submarine - Praying Underwater - Persian Sub English

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Iran's navy on Wednesday (28th November) launched anew, domestically made Ghadir-class light submarine in the waters of the Gulf, local Fars news agency reported. The submarine outfitted with the latest military and technological equipment was launched in a ceremony on the occasion of the Navy Day in a military base in Bandar Abbas, the report said. The new Ghadir-class light submarine was designed and manufactured by the Iranian industrial universities with 10 years of work, according to the report. The submarine's capabilities are equal to those of foreign types and due to its light weight, it is able to carry out missions at a very high speed, Iranian navy experts were quoted assaying. Iran's official media had reported that the new Ghadir-class light submarine can fire missiles and torpedoes simultaneously and operate with sonar-avoiding capability. According to foreign military experts, Iran's inventory of submarines patrolling Gulf waters includes at least three Russian-built Kilo-class diesel submarines.

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