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Success Story Leadership Development - Mr. Arif Naqvi - Success Story The Madinah Institute of Leadership and Entrepreneurship (MILE) brings senior executives and high potential leaders from all over the world for executive education to discover new dimensions in Leadership Development, Good Governance, Telecom Training , HR Performance and various other management practices to help them grow in their business careers. Arif Naqvi, 49, is founder and Group CEO of Abraaj Capital, the largest private equity group in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia. In 2008, The Institutional Investor billed him as among the 12 most influential businessmen in the Middle East. Mr. Naqvi is on the board of several bodies including the World Economic Forum's Arab Business Council, the Pakistan Human Development Fund and the King Abdullah II Award for Youth Innovation & Achievement in Jordan. He is also a member of the Advisory Council of the Emerging Markets Private Equity Assocation and the Advisory Board of the Columbia University Middle East Research Center. In 2006, he was awarded Pakistan's highest civilian honour, the Sitari-e-Imtiaz, by the republic's president. Before founding The Cupola Group in 1994 and Abraaj in 2002, Mr. Naqvi worked at Arthur Andersen and Saudi Arabia's Olayan Group. He is a graduate of the London School of Economics.

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