[14 June 13] Iran religious minorities, expatriates take part in presidential vote - English

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Amid massive turnout of voters in Friday\'s elections, Iranian religious minorities and expatriates have also joined their compatriots to cast their ballots, Press TV reports. \"We Zoroastrians always, especially today on June 14th that\'s a very special day, feel [that] we are part of the elections because we would like to [participate in the election].... We are duty-bound religiously ... to stand shoulder by shoulder alongside our Muslim, Christian, Jewish and other religious minorities to take part in the enthusiastic elections,\" Rashid Khorshidian, a Zoroastrian voter, told Press TV. \"When it comes to the destiny of Iran, we should all try to pick the right and most qualified person as the next president so that he would be able to serve Iran,\" Ebrahim Saidian, a Jewish voter, told Press TV. Iranian expatriates in over 90 countries are also voting to choose a new president for their country. Over 850,000 ballot papers have been sent to polling stations overseas.

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