[Movie] A Span of Heaven - Urdu

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Mohsen   youngster   flowers   crowded   city   streets   help   support   family   night   God   angel   wishes   a   span   of   heaven   friends   comfortable   and   care   free   gift   divine   inheritance   movie   film   series   serial   payam  

Mohsen is a youngster who sells flowers on the crowded city streets to help support his family. One night, while confiding to God, an angel appears. He tells the angel his wishes, and that he longs for a span of heaven where he can bring his family and friends. Mohsen wants nothing more than to please his loved ones by providing them with a comfortable and care-free surrounding. Ordered by God, the angel gives him a span of heaven. At first nobody believes Mohsen has received such a gift. However, once people start experiencing his divine inheritance first-hand, unrighteous plans start to take roots....

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Runtime: 77m 50s
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