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PressTV   Press   TV   PTV   US   USA   United   States   America   israel   Zionist   Zionist   Security   Threat   Middle   East A political activist says that the United States and Israeli governments are the greatest security threat in the world, inflicting wholesale slaughter and massive human displacement. Press TV has conducted an exclusive interview with Dahlia Wasfi, with the Iraqi Justice & political activist, to further discuss the issue. The following is a transcript of the interview. Press TV: The US is supposed to withdraw from Iraq by the year's end. And with Obama saying just days ago in a press conference with Iraqi PM Nuri al-Maliki, the US troops will be leaving Iraq with heads held high. What legacy will the US leave behind in Iraq? Wasfi: Well, it's nothing to be proud of. There's a legacy of the wholesale slaughter of over a million people, the making of a massive refugee crisis - the largest since the Palestinian refugee crisis began - the destruction of the Iraqi health care system, the destruction of the Iraqi education system, the destruction of Iraq's infrastructure. In terms of security in Iraq, the most dangerous forces in the world today are the United States military and the Israeli occupation forces. Those are the greatest threats to global security. So while it's true that Iraq is a dangerous place, it is because of the US military stay and its illegal occupation, not in spite of it. Press TV: If the US leaves Iraq - and I say IF, because there might be the possibility to extend the deadline at the 11th hour - how capable do you think Iraq would be in taking care of itself? Wasfi: Iraq is the cradle of civilization. There's no question that though it will take decades to overcome the destruction that has been wrought by the forces led by the United States and Great Britain, that Iraq can recover on its own. History has shown that. As you said, this is a farce. It's not actually an end to the military occupation of Iraq. It's a maintained military and economic occupation with, as I've read, 16,000 US military personnel, in addition to mercenaries, in addition to CIA and other operatives that are operating in Iraq under the guise of organizations like US Aid which have long time been used as cover for the CIA. Press TV: Adding to your list, what remains for the question of the Mujaheddin Khalq Organization - the terrorist organization operating on Iraqi soil? Wasfi: I'll repeat again that the largest terrorist organization that's operating on Iraqi soil is the US military. Iraq's borders have been blown wide open since March 19th, 2003. Anyone and everyone has access to Iraq. Iran has a very strong influence in Iraq today. But the only future of Iraq, it is only up to the Iraqis, just as the future of Syria is up to the Syrians, just as the future of Iran is only up to Iran. And the future of the US is up to the Americans. And for all of these countries, no more interference by Israeli politics.

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