[18 July 13] EU bans financial support to israeli settlements - English

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The European Union has decided to bar all 28 member states from using any EU funds for projects in Israel\'s illegal settlements. Also beginning in 2014, all bilateral contracts must include a clause stating that East Jerusalem al-Quds, the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and Golan Heights are not a part of Israel. The directive will primarily affect research projects and financial grants. The declaration isn\'t a boycott of the colonies\' private sector, meaning the EU will continue to be Israel\'s number one trading partner, with some €30 billion in annual trade. But many are commending Brussels for finally introducing some accountability for the criminal theft of Palestinian land and resources. Analysts say that with the EU stuck in recession, Brussels is becoming more selective about their financial assistance for Israel. Europe is also fed up with funding Palestinian projects, only to see them destroyed by regular Israeli aggression. Ramin Mazaheri, Press TV, Paris

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