[FULL] Ahmadinejad"s Press conference in New York Sept 2010 - English

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Press conference by Iranian President Dr. Ahmadinejad in New York SEPT 2010 - English. In response to a question of a journalist saying that it was heard there have been some negotiations between the representative of Iran and US, the president stressed: "In this travel there has been no negotiation between the representatives of the two countries. In response to a question that Mr. Obama posed some words regarding the talks with Iran "What is your view on them?" Dr. Ahmadinejad on the last day of his travel to New York said; The Islamic Republic of Iran has not cut his relations with US, and in this regard we have no responsibility. The president continued: "As I mentioned before, apart from the Zionistic regime, we want to have relations with other countries .If US plans to talk he must change his rhetoric and this dialog must be under equal and fair conditions. On another question he pointed out: "Based on the previously planned programs a representative will talk with one of the 5+1 members under the agreed contexts in October. The president added the 5+1 group has cut his talk unilaterally and issued a resolution against our country, this is not the first time it has done such things, and when they run short logic, they precede such actions. On a question regarding the compromise negotiations and Palestine's issue and the position of Iran towards this case, the president mentioned: "This is the people of Palestine to decide for themselves in which no other country has right to interfere. He said that the destiny of Palestine must be determined by the people of Palestine. The nation of Palestine must decide about the kind of their government in a referendum. Experiences show that when Palestinians hasn't participated in decision-makings, the negotiation results were not successful. On another question quoting from some reports that there have been negotiations between Iran and US ,Dr.Ahmadinejad stressed: "There were No Negotiations between Iran and US representatives ,of course our relations with the nation of US is always available .In this travel I have had meetings with four groups of the US people .On a question regarding the claims of journalists denoting double regulations in Iran and imprisonment of some journalists and freedom of religions ,the president remarked : "The defiant of government are freely living in Iran. They slander and disagree and they are completely free ,of course maybe one or two journalists left the country but there are tens of thousands of journalists working freely in Iran, and hundreds of newspapers are being published. The president added: "The opposing heads issue declarations to the government of Iran and express their disagreements freely. On the freedom of religions in Iran, The president said: "The constitution in Iran ascertained the legal religions and these religions under the context of the same regulation can be practiced, of course if a person wants to advertise through illegal methods, regulations will stop him.

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