[14 June 13] Anti-G8 protests in London - English

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BAE Systems - the UK\'s largest arms manufactures - was the first stop on what would be a fast-paced journey across Central London highlighting the capital\'s ties to the global arms trade. With scores of protestors arrested during Tuesday\'s Stop G8 demos, the police presence was a heavy one. Demonstrators from a coalition of anti-capitalists groups explained why the arms firms provoked their anger. With just days to go before the G8 Summit kicks off in Ireland the capital is the focal point. With the demonstrators taking the media and other protestors on what seemed like a magical mystery tour of locations associated with the arms trade in London. For many taking part in the flash demonstrations, the arms trade may have been the Wednesday\'s focus but it is the G8 summit being held in the Lough Erne resort in Ireland\'s County Fermanagh for which the most anger is reserved. The leaders of the world\'s eight most powerful countries have already begun arriving for the two-day summit. Protestors say they will be doing all they can to highlight their objections to a group they say is failing in its duty to the very people they are supposed to represent.

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