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Hundreds of people around the world have held demonstrations near Egyptian embassies to support the ongoing protests against President Hosni Mubarak. In Turkey, groups of people gathered outside the Egyptian Embassy in Ankara in a show of solidarity with protesters in Egypt. In London, demonstrators called on the Egyptian authorities to avoid the use of force against protesters. In the Tunisian capital of Tunis, a similar rally was held in front of the Egyptian Embassy to support the uprising in Egypt. "We are here to say that the Tunisian people are behind the Egyptian people. They have suffered in the way that we suffered. It's time for change," AFP quoted one protester as saying. A demonstration is also expected in Germany to show solidarity with Egyptian protesters. Egyptian security forces have clashed with protesters in the capital Cairo and several other cities where rallies are held against the government of Mubarak. Thousands of protesters have defied an overnight curfew and to stay on Cairo's streets. Security forces have been replaced with army troops on the streets of Alexandria. Latest reports at least three people have been killed during Friday's protests, bringing to 12 the number of those killed in the unrest. Scores of others have been wounded in the massive protests. Egypt's largest opposition group, the Muslim Brotherhood, earlier called on all Egyptians to take to the streets. Sources say the opposition leaders brace for massive arrests across the country. The Egyptian government has cut all cell-phone and Internet services amid anti-government demonstrations that began after the Friday prayers. The army has also been brought in and military vehicles are seen on the streets of the capital following violent clashes between police and protesters. Opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei was among other top figures, who attended the rally. Reports say ElBaradei has been placed under house arrest after joining the massive anti-government protests in Cairo. Security forces initially prevented ElBaradei from leaving a mosque in Giza. The mosque was under siege for several hours before ElBaradei was put under house arrest. ElBaradei has said he would help head a transitional government if Mubarak steps down. Many more people including opposition activists have been arrested. Protesters want an end to the decades-long rule of Mubarak.

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