[23 June 2012] Pakistani traders protest against power outages - English

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[23 June 2012] Pakistani traders protest against power outages - English This, otherwise bustling city center in Rawalpindi, is giving a deserted look as traders have shut down their businesses to protest against the long power outages. Normal life has virtually come to a halt in Pakistan's largest province, Punjab, due to crippling strike against the ongoing energy crises. Pakistan is currently in the midst of severe energy shortages with many parts of the country receive only a few hours of electricity a day during the sweltering summer season. Riots have broken out in many parts of the country's Punjab province, which is controlled by the opposition. Angry protesters have attacked and torched public offices and a lawmaker's house in some cities. In his first address to the Parliament after getting elected as the country's Prime Minister, Raja Parvez Ashraf said addressing the energy crises would be his first priority. Prime Minister Ashraf was once in charge of water and power sector and was accused of receiving kickbacks in the rental power projects, a charge he strongly denies. Experts attribute the problem to years of underinvestment and bad management in the energy sector.

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