Iran Economy - Then (Shah) and Now (Ahmadinejad) - English

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Hypothesis: The Iranian secularist mafias want to go back to the government based on a thirst for power and resurrection of corruption networks with which they made themselves and their relatives wealthy. What happens when secularist dictators and secularist mafias of Iran handle the economy, and what happens when real Revolutions and presidents representing the real national will do so. Measuring the progress or success of a nation based on numbers and measurements created by the very tyrant powers of the world will always be incorrect. However this shows a comparison even in such a hostile field. The price of oil has a big impact on the evolution of the GDP in Iran. However, anyone wanting to refute this video is bound to two possible alternatives: a) It is that either Fundamentalist Muslims manage the economy better and with less corruption (leakages), or b) By the grace of God, every time real Muslims are in power in Iran, the price of oil goes into its biggest peaks of history !

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