[16 July 2012] George Galloway London militarized for Olympics - English

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[16 July 2012] George Galloway London militarized for Olympics - English The private security company, G4S, was handed 300 million pounds to hire 10,000 security guards to police the London Olympics. Last week, the army marched in another 3,500 soldiers to tighten the security for Londoners. "There are already signs all over the place warning drivers not to venture in the central London and the underground stations are festooned with posters warning of the mayhem to come," said George Galloway. East London, where the Olympics are centered, has become a militarized zone. Blocks of apartments have had ground-to-air missile batteries installed on their roofs despite protests by the owners. Special lanes are being installed on approach roads so the athletes and organizers can be fast tracked, avoiding the traffic jams. According to the governor of the Bank of England, Britain is now in recession, which is set to continue for another five years.

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