Palestine beat Pakistan 2-1 in football - 01Mar2011 - English

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Palestine edged past Pakistan 2-1 in the first-ever match at the Punjab Stadium in Lahore, the win taking the visitors one-up in the two-match series. Although Pakistan lost, the match will be remembered for the 3,000 local and foreign spectators that filled the stands and cheered for their teams, sending a strong message to the world that Pakistan are back in contention to host foreign teams. The game spirit and excitement in the sport-deprived nation was all they carried as local football fans have almost forgotten the Sri Lankan team attack and believe the incident is now history. The chairman of Pakistan's Football Federation, the organizer of the match, had this to say: The Pakistani team is scheduled to visit Palestine later this year for a return match. Pakistan is among the supportive countries of Palestinian cause. With organizing this first ever football match between the two teams, Pakistan has assured its extended support in all fields for the people of Palestine.

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