Ruined by Tsunami: RT reporter in the middle of disaster-hit Sendai, Japan - 17Mar2011 - English

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Japan is struggling to regain control over the overheated reactors at the Fukushima nuclear plant, after a series of blasts and fires. The government's most-senior spokesman said cooling reactor number 3 is now the top priority because it's posing the biggest danger. Military helicopters are currently dropping seawater onto the stricken reactors in the latest bid to avert nuclear meltdown... While other aircraft are monitoring the amount of radiation. If levels get too high for the air crews, trucks with water cannons will be deployed to try and get the temperature of troubled reactors to drop. RT's Ivor Bennett has been to the quake-hit regions to see, first-hand, how more and more people are fleeing the area - terrified by the threat of meltdown.

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