[24 Feb 2014] The Debate - U.S. Policy Shift in Syria (P.1) - English

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24   Feb   2014   The   Debate   US   Policy   Shift   in   Syria   Part   1   PTV   Presstv   English   On   the   war   on   Syria   is   there   a   policy   shift   from   the   US   Take   for   example   what   US   national   security   advisor   Susan   Rice  

On the war on Syria: is there a policy shift from the US? Take for example, what US national security advisor, Susan Rice has said: The White House is currently revisiting both old and new options on how best to approach the Syrian crisis, saying it could become a breeding ground for terrorists, fearing its fragmentation, with the ouster of Bashar al-Assad no longer the number one priority. In this edition of the debate, we\'ll discuss why this policy shift, whether it has any connection to Saudi Arabia\'s new appointment of the Syrian file, Prince Nayef, and how reverting to fighting terrorism as a priority sounds a lot like what the Syrian govt. delegation said at the failed Geneva 2 talks. Or is this a possible sign of US military intervention?

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