[20 Feb 2014] Iran 29th Fajr intl. music festival announces winners - English

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20   Feb   2014   Iran   29th   Fajr   intl   music   festival   announces   winners   PTV   Presstv   English   The   most   prestigious   music   event   in   Iran   The   29th   Fajr   international   music   festival   has   concluded   it   work  

The most prestigious music event in Iran; The 29th Fajr international music festival has concluded it work by announcing winners of different categories. In non-Iranian classical music composition the best prize went to Hadi Rahmani for his work \\\"Suite for Orchestra\\\" from Tehran. In Iranian classical music section the golden chang or Iranian harp went to Kourosh Matin for composing \\\"Sunset\\\" piece. In Iranian classical ensemble, Sar-Shak band from Mashhad won the golden Chang. In Choir, the golden chang went to Sounat band conducted by Mohsen Bafandeh. Several halls across the capital Tehran hosted a series of performances on of the 29th Fajr International Music Festival during the nine-day event. The festival annually hosts many domestic and foreign artists performing different pieces in various categories such as International and Folk Music, Classical Music and Youth and Women Music. At the closing ceremony, the organizers of the festival honored the Santur virtuoso Ardavan Kamkar and pianist Farimah Qavam-Sadri with lifetime achievement awards.

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