[Iran Today] - Fifth International Intifada Conference, Iran - 04Oct 2011 - English

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Iran hosted the fifth International Intifada Conference in the capital, Tehran on October first and second. Over seven-hundred high-ranking officials and scholars from nearly one-hundred countries took part in the conference. Among them, Iran\'s Leader- Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei. Iran has been holding international conferences in support of Palestine since 1991. These congregations aim at studying and discussing ways to restore the inalienable rights of the Palestinians. Including liberating Palestinian territories from Israeli occupiers and gaining full independence. Iran has put forth a proposal through which it believes will lead to final peace. In this edition of the show, we\'ll tell you all about Iran\'s suggestion for Palestine, plus why Iran\'s so determined to help Palestine break free from an over 60-year Israeli occupation.

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