[20 Jan 2014] Iran envoy says NAM supports Palestinians - English

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20   Jan   2014   Iran   envoy   says   NAM   supports   Palestinians   PTV   Presstv   English   Iran   is   the   current   President   of   the   Non   Aligned   Movement   Iran   envoy   to   UN   Mohammad   Khazaee   has   emphasized   NAM   support  

Iran is the current President of the Non-Aligned Movement. Iran\'s envoy to UN, Mohammad Khazaee, has emphasized NAM\'s support for the Palestinian people at the UN General Assembly. Khazaee went on to speak about the dire situation Palestinians are in, and the unjust Israeli policies being imposed on them. He mentioned Tel Aviv\'s occupation of Palestinian lands and the Israelis aggression and violation of international law, including illegal settlement building. He also cited detaining children, arbitrary arrests and use of excessive force as other violations being committed by the Israelis. The Iranian diplomat went on to reiterate the plan presented by President Hassan Rouhani at the 68th session of the UN General Assembly, which called for utmost efforts in order to materialize a world against violence and extremism.

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