[29 Jan 2014] Iran government finding ways to end air pollution - English

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Iran's transportation and fuel center is teaming with the country's traffic police, department of motor vehicles and Iran's Environmental Protection Organization (IEPO) to remove aged vehicles to assist in solving the country's air pollution crisis. According to TIME Magazine Iran has 4 cities named as the top ten most polluted cities in the world. As air pollution continues to be an issue in Iran, government organizations have teamed up to solve this catastrophe for good. The goal is to remove vehicles aged private automobiles, taxis, passenger busses and trucks 20 years and older because they fail vehicle emission testing which is the core foundation for air pollution. PTC (Iran's transportation and fuel center estimates there are 1,200,000 aged vehicles throughout Iran. According to Iran's Environmental Protection Organization over 70% of air pollution in Iran especially in the capital Tehran which populates close to 14,000,000 is a direct cause of these aged vehicles.) In addition there are close to 9 million motorcycles in Iran of which 3 million are over aged. In the past 9 months close to 300,000 automobiles, busses and trucks and 600,000 motorcycles have been taken off the streets. The government is also offering a low interest rate loan for residents to turn in their aged vehicles and purchase brand new automobiles. The government is giving taxi drivers a loan of almost $7,000 while bus and truck drivers can get a loan of $20,000 and $50,000 respectively. Also according to IEPO Iran petroleum factories will only produce fuel based on Euro 4 standards by the end of March 2015. Currently Iran is importing Euro 4 standard fuel till it becomes fully efficient.

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