Israel arrests Gaza activists and Press TV journalist Hassan Ghani - Nov 5, 2011 - English

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This was the last footage we received of Press TV correspondent Hassan Ghani reporting from the Freedom Wave, two boats led by groups from Canada and Ireland, attempting to break the siege on Gaza and get aid to the impoverished strip. Several hours later, Hassan tells us the boat is being surrounded. As we wrap up the conversation just 5 minutes later, the situation intensifies. That's the last we heard from Hassan. Israel raided the flotilla, and arrested those on board. They are now in Israeli jail. We spoke to Hassan's father Haq for the latest he's heard from his son. Hassan was also aboard the Mavi Marmara that was attacked by the Israeli Military, leaving nine people dead. He was arrested and warned never to return. This time he was on-board with former press TV journalist Jihan Hafiz who was reporting for U-S based democracy now and other journalists too. Gazan journalist and activist Sameh Habeeb says the Israeli action is all a part of the siege strategy. Israel had called the freedom wave a provocation and a threat to its national security. We contacted the foreign office who told us that a consular officer will be visiting Hassan again Sunday morning, that all detainees were moved quickly through the port and immigration to a detention center and that Hassan had called his arrest “extremely objectionable in principle”. They say it is very likely that Hassan will be deported from Israel soon. But for now he remains a journalist in an Israeli prison for no other reason than doing his job. And the status of those on board with him remains unclear.

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