Leaders Message To Teacher Part 1

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Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said here on Wednesday that teachers have an exceptional influence on the countrys destiny The role that teachers play in promoting progress in society is more valuable than turning earth into gold Ayatollah Khamenei stated in a speech to a group of teachers on Teachers Day The remarkable role of school teaching is superior to other teachers in life such as parents or professors he said All nations desire to have an independent talented moral brave hardworking and idealistic society and fulfillment of this great wish depends on the efforts of teachers the Leader added The teaching profession has a unique status in the human consciousness and the education system is the countrys most sensitive administrative department he noted Respect for teachers in the Islamic system is not only a gesture but a reality based on the dignified status of the profession he added A reform movement should be launched making use of the expertise of the educational systems scholars to reorganize the style and content of the educational environment and teaching materials Ayatollah Khamenei said The enemies of the Iranian nation are pursuing three major goals this year namely hindering scientific development causing economic stagnation and creating discord among the people And due to the importance and sensitivity of their occupation teachers are a major target of these conspiracies just as they have been for the past 28 years he stated However the society of teachers stands firm against the waves of pressure and conspiracy just as before he added

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