[28 June 2012] Opposition activists in Bahrain want Bahrain king son arrested - Comment (Part 1) - George Gallo

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[28 June 2012] Opposition activists in Bahrain want Bahrain king son arrested - Comment (Part 1) - English Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa is the head of Bahrain's Olympic committee and is due to lead the country's delegation during the Olympics Games in London. But according to Bahraini opposition members, he's also a sadistic torturer who's been personally involved in crushing anti-regime demonstrations by force. They also say he has cheer-led the persecution of Bahraini athletes opposed to the Al Khalifa dictatorship. Nasser bin Hamad is the King of Bahrain's 25 year old son. Activists say he can be seen here preparing to participate in quelling anti-regime demonstrations by force. According to the Bahraini opposition, anti-regime athletes have been abducted, taken to torture chambers and subjected to horrific treatment. And Nasser's voice can be heard here on Bahraini state TV, condemning calls for regime change in the country. With the Olympic Games around one month away the British government has banned the Syrian Olympic Committee chief from entering the country because of alleged links to repression in his country. But London hasn't taken the same steps against its Persian Gulf ally Bahrain. Saeed Shehabi, meanwhile, is calling for Nasser bin Hamad to be arrested for crimes against humanity if he sets foot on British soil. On the other hand, in a letter to the Guardian newspaper, Bahrain has denied the allegations against Nasser bin Hamad al Khalifa. Britain and Bahrain have close military, economic and political ties and this hasn't changed despite the al Khalifa crackdown on the opposition. But if Nasser bin Hamad al Khalifa is allowed to come to the Olympic Games it will shine a brighter spotlight on the UK's close ties with the Persian Gulf dictatorship.

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