Israel bans Pro-Palestinian activists from flying to Tel Aviv - 08Jul2011 - English

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The Pro Palestinian activists who are part of a growing popular international solidarity movement with the Palestinian people against the Israeli siege on the Gaza strip and the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories, were set to arrive to Ben Gurion international airport and from there travel to the occupied Palestinian territories. Israel's ministry of transport has submitted a list containing the names of 342 activists to foreign airlines with instructions to bar these activists from boarding their flights. But these activists say they have the right to leave their own borders, and Israel's actions are illegal. The organizers of the "Welcome to Palestine" campaign, otherwise known as "Fly in" had intended for these activists to come to the occupied Palestinian territories to see first hand the impact the Israeli occupation has on Palestinians. While waiting for the pro Palestinian activists to clear airport inspection, some Israeli left wing activists began shouting slogans against the Israeli occupation of Palestine and chanted Free Free Palestine. But they were quickly dragged away by the Israeli police. The welcome to Palestine campaign or the fly in, coincided with the second Gaza flotilla which until now is barred by the Greek authorities from setting sail towards the coast of Gaza. Tight screening has prevented most pro Palestinian activists from reaching their destination namely ben gurion airport. These activists say by preventing passengers from boarding their flights Israel is putting pressure on other countries to adopt its policies.

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