[AL-QUDS 2012] Calgary : Speech by Master Bilal - English

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Al-Quds was started 33 years ago by Ayatollah Imam Khomeini to mark the last Friday of Ramadan, and a call for Muslims to rise up against Israel in the fight for a Palestinian state. A group of Muslims will mark Al-Quds Day in Toronto on Aug. 18, gathering on the front lawn of the Ontario’s Legislature, as they have done before. While little is known about the committee that organizes the events, the marking of Al-Quds is far-reaching, and will be recognized by various Islamic groups in cities throughout North America. According to the website www.freealquds.org, rallies will be held in numerous U.S. cities, including New York, Tampa, Los Angeles and Detroit. Al-Quds Day will also be recognized by Muslim groups in Calgary, as well as Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver. “This is an international event,” says Anita Bromberg, of B’nai Brith Canada, one of a handful of Jewish groups opposing the Ontario Liberal’s decision to permit the upcoming rally in Toronto. “The Al-Quds committee has a website, (but) they don’t really give you the names of the individuals or the groups that are involved, but if you look at the 2011 (event) you can see there was a list of different organizations involved.”

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