Berkeley Teach-in Against War - QnA - English

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Concerned about the devastation currently being inflicted on the people of Lebanon and Palestine by the Israeli Military Forces and with the very limited and biased reporting on these conflicts presented by most American media networks - students organized a teach-in on the UC Berkeley campus in order to give students faculty and the Bay Area community at large achance to gain a greater understanding of these events and to participate in an open discussion on their significance for both Americans and the people of the Middle East. During the first hour of this two-hour event four scholars with expertise in the Middle East presented short analyses - 15 minutes each - of the historical and political dimensions of this conflict focusing on the following themes. 1. The role US foreign policy has played in enabling and authorizing the Israeli bombardment 2. The origins and historical development of Hezbollah and the role of this movement within Lebanese social and political arenas 3. The shifting political alignments within Israel and their relation to the current war on Lebanon and to Israels role in the region more broadly 4. The impact of Israeli military actions in Gaza and the West Bank on the lives of Palestinians and the political landscape of the Palestinian society. The presentations were followed by audience questions and comments which is what this video is about. Speakers in the first part included Judith Butler Beshara Doumani Charles Hirschkind Saba Mahmood Zeina Zaatari The teach-in took place on September 7th 2006. Checkout more clips from this event on this site or on google video.

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