System Capabilities Class Tutorial - Flash AS3 CS3+CS4 - [English]

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Download Free Flash CS3 fla file here In this tutorial you can learn how to use systemCapabilities in Flash ActionScript 3 to display to a user, or add an if-else conditional statement to render different code according to what the user configuration is. You can access the values of user specific information like: flash version, language, operating system, screen dpi, screen resolution, pixel aspect ratio, and much more. Adam gives you a fully operational file to download to see how it works, and get at the code in a file that you know is working. Run locally or on the web, both will work. If you need ActionScript help or have comments please join our forum and post up. Here is some info from the Flash Help file: The Capabilities class provides properties that describe the system and player that are hosting a SWF file. For example, a mobile phone's screen might be 100 square pixels, black and white, whereas a PC screen might be 1000 square pixels, color. By using the Capabilities object to determine what type of device a user has, you can provide appropriate content to as many users as possible. When you know the device's capabilities, you can tell the server to send the appropriate SWF files or tell the SWF file to alter its presentation.

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