Spiny Anteaters who Fast - Animal Instincts - English

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Visit our website for more episodes! http://ramadhan4u.com to make your ramadhan a productive Ramadhan. SUBHANALLAH.. Animals fast too!! Check out our new series.. Animal Instincts The Spiny Anteaters Fast: The spiny anteater, is a type of nocturnal, burrowing, egg-laying mammal. It lives in Australia, Tasmania, and New Guinea. It lacks teeth and is covered with spines. It has a slender snout and an extensible sticky tongue used for catching insects, such as ants and termites. The spiny anteater prefers to live on mountains and high places over 200 meters above sea level. It likes to stay in uninhabited places and shadowed forests because it likes to feed on ants. The spiny anteater puts its long sticky tongue inside an ant tunnel, and hundreds of ants cling to it, making a delicious meal for the anteater. The anteater can fast from food for more than a month. When food decreases because of an increase in population of anteaters or when a migration happens, they fast, and lack of food does not weaken them. Eltemas Dua :) R4U Team For more information visit www.ramadhan4u.com Category:

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